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Dimas Abreu Archanjo Dutra
Teaching Assistant Professor


MAE 211: Mechatronics

Selection of mechanical and electronic components and integration of these components into complex systems. Hands-on laboratory and design experiments with components and measurement equipment used in the design of mechatronic products.

MAE 242: Dynamics

Newtonian dynamics of particles and rigid bodies. Engineering applications of equations of motion, work and energy, conservative forces, acceleration in several coordinate systems, relative motion, instantaneous centers, and plane motion.

MAE 316: Analysis-Engineering Systems

Analytical, numerical, and computational techniques to analyze and solve engineering problems. Mathematical modeling, solution strategies, and analysis of results. Statistical techniques including probability distribution functions, regression analysis, and curve fitting.

MAE 411: Advanced Mechatronics

Instrumentation and measurements emphasizing systems that combine electronics and mechanical components with modern controls and microprocessors. First and second order behavior, transducers and intermediate devices, measurement of rapidly changing engineering parameters, microcontrollers and actuators.

MAE 460: Automatic Controls

Modeling and simulation of mechanical systems using transfer functions. 1st and 2nd order systems with associated specification. Block algebra and concept of Equivalent Transfer Function. Steady state errors. Routh-Hurwitz criteria for stability. Root-locus based design of proportional controllers and compensators. Introduction to state variables modeling.

MAE 469: UAV Guidance, Navigation & Control

Introduction to multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) dynamics. Basic filters for UAV state estimation. Introduction to UAV attitude stabilization and altitude holding controllers. Simplified UAV path planning algorithms.